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About Us

CoveyConnect is the networking platform for CoveyClub.com, the place for lifelong learners. (A covey is a small flock of birds, in case you were wondering about the name.)

CoveyConnect was created by Lesley Jane Seymour, former Editor-in-Chief of More, Marie Claire, Redbook, and YM magazines, to bring women 40+ together to help each other navigate inevitable change in their lives.  

Navigating a health challenge, aging, the empty nest, a job downsizing or loss, a relationship disruption (divorce, widowhood), even the ups and downs of elder care, alone is hard. It's easier when you have a posse of smart, caring, kick-ass women who've been there, done that, on your side. 

CoveyConnect provides that posse.

Our dream is to connect 100,000 women just like you, worldwide.  Imagine how much fun it would be to pull into a new city, open the CoveyConnect app and see what smart, interesting new friend or business connection can join you for a glass of wine. 

Become part of our dream!